Zasedací místnost Neruda I.+II.

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Meeting Room Neruda is composed of two connecting meeting rooms NERUDA I. and Neruda II., same as our main meeting space Kafka. Meeting space offers open space without any colums with direct daylight. As additional benefit, your visitors can enjoy beatiful view to Prague Castle panorama or Dusni street with dominance of Church of st. Simon & Juda.


Meeting rooms equipment    Neruda I.          Neruda II.       Neruda I. + II.
  • Meeting room size
100 sqm   26 sqm   125 sqm
  • Level
ground floor   ground floor   ground floor
  • Dimensions
14,0 x 7,0 m   6,0 x 4,5 m   15,0 x 11,0 m
  • Maximum capacity
100 pax   26 pax   114 pax
  • Integrated dataprojector & screen     
  • Daylight
  • Internet connection
YES / WiFi   YES / WiFi   YES / WiFi
  • Aircondition
  • Colums
NO   NO   NO


For your meeting organisation, you can use integrated screen and dataprojector or flat TV screen. Lobby of the meeting room can be connected with other meeting spaces and breakfast room of the hotel. In case your guests would like to enjoy their lunch or other refreshment sitting down, there will be no disturbation from side of hotel guests.