The President Hotel building in Old Prague is located in the place of the former First-Republic Palace, designed by the architect František Krásný.

The foundation was laid in 1927 on the basis of a decision of SIA (the Czechoslovak Association of Engineers and Architects) and the building was to be the future headquarters of the association. František Krásný created a beautiful counterpart of the faculty of law by Kotěra.

In 1978 this attractive place in Old Prague was selected for the construction of the then monumental Budovatel hotel by architect Karel Fisak. The style is aptly characterized by the robust concrete sculpture by Josef Klimeš in the attics frame; it is one of his most famous works. The complex represented a unique combination of two buildings of different heights. Later the complex was completed in the so-called monolithic style.

It is currently one of the most significant monuments of Czech brutalism in Old Prague. The President Hotel in Old Prague was seriously damaged during the devastating floods of 2002 and had to be closed. It was reopened already on 6 August 2004; the interiors underwent complete modernization and the whole concept of the building has been improved.

Last major renovation was done during 2016 - 2018. From the mind of Ing. arch. Jaromir Pizinger and its design team Morix studio came state-of-art design, combined with original architecture. Domination piece of each room is relaxing areas by the large windows and services of the hotel were improved by adding inside pool with wellness. Since than hotel is known as The President Hotel Prague.

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